Unveiling my Literary column!!

“Are you a kind of person who believe that your peace is in serious threat if the world runs out of Good books?”

“Are you a kind of person who even never misses to have a glimpse of the paper that comes up wrapping your Samosa?”

“Are you a person who admire Maniratnam for his Dialogues more than his direction?”

“Are you a person who could listen to Vairamuthu Songs even without ARR’s BGM?”

“Are you a fan of Vikatan or ACK?”

“Have you ever tweaked yourself in a funny manner just to peep through the books your co-passenger reads?”

“Do you think that your cerebrum expands every time you come across a book shop??”

“Do you have an instinct to run behind the person who has just got her books delivered from Amazon??”

“Do you think that SQLS,JAVA and your Mother tongue are to be equally appreciated??”

“Have you ever ordered a bunch of books online for cash on delivery and made your grumbling mom pay for it??”

“Have you ever sneaked a novel beneath your desk in your Schools/colleges when the classes were on??”

If you can visualize ‘the past you’ in any of these circumstances, then this space is for YOU!!!!
Come let’s join our hands together and appreciate the ocean of literature spread before us!!


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