Food for Life (V) – Trailing through the Karnataka Cuisine!!

I always wonder,  if we take enough time sit back and savor our food like the people of older days have did. As we have shifted our eating habit from the traditional food of our place slowly towards the western food, there are still a few places which keeps reminding us of our traditional food and here we go on few such places I have visited in Karnataka. 

Vidyarthi Bhavan:   Gandhi Nagar – Basavangudi – Bangalore

Its natural for us to easily miss the sight of this hotel as we enter into Gandhi Bazzar – Basavanagudi but not the crowd that waits around for their turn to enjoy a delectable breakfast. Once we get into the hotel, it gives a complete feel of a traditional home, with walls fully adorned with framed photographs and hanging white lights and tubes. The servers dressed up in Dhotis – still retaining the traditions in their attires, direct each of us for places to occupy. Crispy Masala Dosa is the signature dish of this hotel. The servers carry as much as 20 plates of Masala Dosas, all together in a single hand serving their customers, followed by Chutney in a deep vessel with handle, gently pouring across all the plates. The very sight of brown and crispy Dosa with the flavor of fenugreek spreading around us,  urges us to have a quick bite of it. Dosa is said to be made of Red rice and not the white rice which we usually use for making Dosas. We should also try the Poori – Sagu here, where the Sagu tastes extremely delicious. 

Woodlands : Udupi (Near Krishna Temple) :

I visited this place for a Dinner. I had absolutely no mood to eat then but my husband dragged me to this place. We had to wait for half an hour adding more to my fury. As we settled down in the table after a tiresome wait, appetizing aroma from the neighboring tables 😛 started filling around me.  Unable to resist my temptation,I quickly ordered Cheese Garlic Naan, Paneer Butter Masala and Ghee rice. Just a bite of Cheese Naan was all enough to tantalize my taste buds. I realized that I have never had such an amazing Cheesy Naan anywhere so far. Extremely generous spread of Cheese with pieces of Garlic cloves added a punch to the dish.  Ghee rice was rich in its own way with such a perfect blend of spices and tasted heavenly. Paneer Butter Masala supplements this Ghee rice adding a unique taste to every bite. If there is one strong reason to quote, for me to visit Udupi again, then its probably this Woodlands (There is a lot more on the Menu to be tried).This place is a must visit for all food lovers!!

Renuka Tifani’s: (Biddi – Bangalore – Mysore highway):

This place is famous for ‘Thatte idly’. I am not a big fan of Idly and I was of the view that,  Idly can never taste good in any form even if the best of all its ingredients are chosen. This place has proven me wrong. This hotel has given a completely different texture to Idly and it just melts away in mouth, the moment we take a bite. These Idlies are served searing hot with a dash of butter. The actual hotel is a small one, but it has got an ample of space for parking our vehicles and its a perfect place for a quick pit stop to have our breakfast as we trip to Mysore from Bangalore early in the morning

Kamat Lokaruchi: (Bangalore – Mysore Highway) :

This is yet another place on Bangalore-Mysore Highway. Much before we go on the food, I should say that its a perfect place for serene Dining. Set up in a traditional architecture form ,amidst the nature with great lighting , this place itself is more inviting than the food.What I found fascinating in this place was two different dishes: Poori Aamras (Not so common in South India) where Poori (Not forgetting to mention that its only in this place I observed something in the menu, that only wheat flour is being used for making poori) is served with Mango puree ; And  Poori  – Basundhi where Poori is served with sweetened milk dessert – Basundhi. We also tried many other dishes native to Karnataka Viz; Neer Dosa , Shavige bath ,Bonda Soup summing it all up to Wholesome and flavorful meal after a tiresome journey.

There are a lot more places like these viz,CTR, MTR, Maiyass, VV Puram Food Streeet, Marathalli Food Street… More on this on my next article… 

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