The People Factor – An Intro

People are the main constituents of our life. Some people stays with us for a long time and some, for a brief period and some, much lesser than that, like our Co-passengers in Train. Though we come across many people in our life, there are few people who posses some innate traits that creates an impact on us and such people would last in our mind for life time.

My father often used to recollect one of his friends from his college, who would not touch the books until few days before the exam. As the study holidays begin, he takes his books and starts sprinkling Kumkum as he flips through the pages. He made sure that he would read only those pages which had traces of Kumkum on it. :D. In the same way, I had a friend in my early school days,whose brother would go for a job, work for one/two months, gets the salary and buys all the things he wished for and would then quit the job. Next time when he had some new wishes, he would go again hunting for Jobs.  Such carefree persons are hard to find in this busy world. Another friend of my father, who on the day of him being awarded his PhD ,fought with the officials there and returned without getting his degree. My Grandpa was a strongly determined and principled  person, who never let anybody wash his clothes even when he was more than 80 years old!! The jelabi walla across my street, who is so dedicated to his job, would never mind the rain or wind, but would just place an umbrella and continue making the sweet even when one could very surely say that no one would step out on that day.

This column is to glorify such people from my life.

If you have come across such interesting personalities, do share it across with me!!

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