The Common Woman!!

There has always been a collision in my mind among, what the law dictates, what my conscience says and what am confronting at that moment – Every common person’s problem. It was then when companies offered cabs only for unearthly hours and we have to rely on public transports for our commute. I had to take two buses before I reached back home. For the first one, I had no choice, but for the second one, I had a choice of choosing between bus and an Auto. With my glucose level dropped down badly,  I tend to choose the Auto, for I had to walk a few yards before I catch the bus. While the law dictated fare is just 30 Rs to my home, the auto man demands 80 rs. There begins a war between my conscience and my thoroughly exhausted body and the former gives up often. But at the rare times when the later takes over the situation, I derive by glucose from my rage on the auto men, that propagates to the Government that taxes on everything – I am taxed on my income, on the services I take which is already overcharged!!  I walk quickly to the bus stop. And on the next day you can find me on the Auto, struggling to catch back on my glucose level that I had lost on the previous day.

I never like stocking provisions and vegetables. I visit the super market right opposite to my house in my completely exhausted form (on the way back home from office) and hover here and there for things , dump it all together, wait on queues and not minding the bill , pays for things and return back. On one such day, I noticed a lady probably in her forties hopping here and there around the shop, lamenting that every there was costlier there. I stopped her and showed the pulses I had got and inquired her on the actual price for that. She pointed to me a wholesale shop and asked me to check there. I, ignoring the heavy thing mounted on my back (yeah, the laptop),ventured to that shop and to my astonishment the pulse I got was almost double the price they quoted there. Setting up my mind, to make all my purchases from then on only in that shop, I walked back home. It all lingered for a day and the next evening, completely yielding myself to my laptop bag, I found myself in the super market 🙁  (Please don’t bother to say hello, I may not recognize you through my sunken eyes!!).

I always see Parlors as institutions that strive to differentiate us from people of the stone age era.  The happiness of the outcome of a parlor lasts in only for a while until I see to the service tax levied. I always feel that the service taxes are to be shared between the consumer and the service provider and not just on the consumer. We are already paying 800 bucks for coconut oil massage (How much would a spoon cost) and we deserve some mercy. My mind always, never had a single instance of missing, goes about thinking of seeking help from my Mom next time onward. But in vain again!!

I bet am not the only victim to this exploitation of our tiredness and overly occupied minds. With the digitization even the last bit of guilt while spending paper money would vanish. Bargaining has been successfully portrayed as a taboo, crunching the last feeble voice of the consumers. Better late than never, so next time when we flash our cards to stylishly swipe on the verifones, lets pause for a moment and ensure that we pay right and we pay only for what we need!!

Let’s make a difference!!

If you have any experiences on the similar lines, do share it across with us!! We would love to hear from you!!!

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