Shakti Sri Ganesha – A Glance through the historical and architectural lens

Just few kilometers from the Chanasandra bridge (Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore, India), stands tall the 63 feet ,Lord Ganesh , showering his blessings wide over the place. One can never sweep across this place without having a glimpse of him. So what’s so special about this temple? This temple has trespassed the stead fast rule of the ancient South Indian temple architectures, where there are Gopurams topped by a row of finial stones. But this is something different, where the entire Gopuram is the structured like Lord Ganesh. Erected in 2009, this temple houses the family of Lord Shiva, with the main deity being Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva on the right side and Goddess  Parvati(Annapoorni) on the left and Lord Subramaniya Swami next to Parvati.

If we have a closer look at the magnificent Ganesh, we could observe  many interesting intricate  details as well viz a Moonjur serving Ganesha with his favourite sweet pori and the incarnation of lord Shiva on Ganesha’s forehead. Even Ganesha has a Modhag in his hand which is his favorite sweet.As we know that the pointed peak is easily influenced by the lightening effect, this Ganesha also has a lightening arrester at the back to neutralise the effects of lightening. There are few occasions where we may have to perform pooja to this huge Lord Ganesh and a priest claims that one would tremble out of cold much before they reached the head of Lord Ganesha and he had made it only twice since last six years.

From the historical perspective, this lord Ganesha was brought to this place some 16 years back and was kept under a tree. People offer some prasad to this Ganesha as and when they passed by and there were no formal rituals for this Ganesha. Those were the days when Hindus and Muslims never agreed with each other . Fearing that our Ganesha might get affected out of riots, they decided and have enclosed the Lord in a box and kept. One fine day, some one has asked the priest to bring back Lord Ganesha and perform daily poojas and other rituals. Days later when the fund resource of the society started multiplying they decided to erect a temple and thus came into existence the Giant lord Ganesha temple.

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