Life, the 90’s way- A snapshot!!

When I get bogged down by my social and office pressures, I always urge my husband to take me a ride to that beautiful place near my home. Those lush greeneries that masks me from the impending troubles and the cool breeze that brushes away the worry lines on my face is all enough to pep up my mood. This place stands as a memorial of  people’s life in 1990’s. Its the ITI Colony – Bangalore;

Neatly laid roads guarded by trees on either side,leads us to a colony of row houses infusing in us a  feeling of having taken Tardis and time travelled to the days back in 1990s.Those good old days when people knew the faces of their neighbours; Those days,when people played cricket together and not just skatting alone along the lined compound walls. Those days, when people were less driven by rat race for careers and took time to socialise and appreciate literature. 

What suprised me more was the library cleary not disturbed by the technological advances, dedicated for Tamil literature. This place still follows the system of cards, and the front slip of some books still shows entries with due dates as old as 1996s.It houses books by renowned tamil authors like Kannadasan, Sujatha, Jaya Gandhan, Maxim gorky(Tamil transaltions),Ramanichandran, balakumaran and the likes. The place is kept alive by making the current days magazines available to the readers. Its a welcoming sight to watch people gathering on tables,reading magazines and discussing trends. It also arranges for conferences for discussions on latest topics in tamil literatures.

 Having spent a considerable amount of time there,as I came out this place thinking on how a state can celebrate the literature of its neighbour state to this extent, there was another bundle of suprises waiting for me. There were seperate libraries for Malayalam and Telugu literatures as well. Apart from libraries, there was also a fine arts club near by.

This colony is a clear depiction of what we are missing in these days and how our precious time is eaten away by the social medias. We spend time scrolling through fb and whatsapps, which just aims to boost the readings on our envy meter. But there is a lot more to life.  These literatures/Arts paves way for us to think on own and trains us not to just carried away by what the posts on FB and twitter suggests. 

“Stop whining, step out and celebrate life!!!’

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