Shakti Sri Ganesha - A Glance through the historical and architectural lens
Just few kilometers from the Chanasandra bridge (Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore, India), stands tall the 63 feet ,Lord Ganesh , showering his blessings
Rationalism Blind folded!!!!
Udupi Sri Krishna Temple!! It was our first wedding anniversary and we decided to begin the next year with the blessings of Lord Krishna. One of our friends suggested that one can never miss
Chenna Keshava Temple - Exquisite Stone Sculptures!!
It was a long weekend and  we had absolutely not planned for anything. We were able to spend a day at home and not more than that. Then we decided to churn out the
Unveiling my Literary column!!
"Are you a kind of person who believe that your peace is in serious threat if the world runs out of Good books?"

"Are you a kind of person who even never misses to have a glimpse of the
Gypsy - A journey with no Destination
Have you ever wondered at some point of time in your life,to escape from the mundane office bus adorned by the long sunken faces drowned in digital mediums and take a normal bus and
Mullai Periyar - Beyond Disputes!!
Mullai Periyar - We picked up this book in this year's book fair. I should confess beforehand that I am not a kind of person who would pick up this book at first look. But he chose it.
Food for Life (I) - Love for Food
Food!! People of gen Y and gen Z  can be categorized as Calorie watchers and calorie ignorers.While the first group watches out the calories added from every morsels of food they take,
Food for Life (II)- Indian fusion Food!!
We Indians get very easily attracted to anything thing that is foreign to us. But when it comes to food, we expect every thing to be Indianized (Chocolates are an exception though!!
A credit note to Men on Women's day!!
I wanted to publish this right on the Women's day, but no matter how much sessions I attend on Work life balance, I fail miserably to strike a  balance and could not make it up on
Food for Life (III) - Chai'd up!!
Hailed from Tamil Nadu, known for its prominent 'Filter Coffee',  my obsession for Tea may appear a little weird to you . And if you are so obsessed with coffee like my Father, Husband

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