Hangouts – Part II – The Retro way!!

Its all about a place called ‘A Hole Lotta Love’- Koramangala – Bangalore. I should thank Dalai Lama before I proceed with this article.The shop I targeted for, was closed owing to his birthday. Not knowing exactly what to do, we just lazily lingered through the street where we caught groups and groups of young people moving in and out of a place at the top, few steps ahead of Jyoti Nivas college. There we found this place :- brimming with fun loving young groups amidst the drizzling drops of rain and the greens;more appealing, more welcoming and more promising to fix all our blues.

So whats is so special about this? This is a typical coffee shop set up with the theme of 90’s before Wi-Fi made its way to Indian homes. Ambiance of this place is too good. I am just simply impressed by the way in which this place has been set up, where used and ‘to be thrown’ articles are mostly used for decorations. Alcohol bottles are hung around with tiny little flowers, old kettle used as a pot for plants, patterns made of Golf sticks for adorning the walls, old TV set, Type writer, Vintage toy cars,Transistor, Books (collections are quite evolved though – Twilight, Shobha de , few Archie comics etc..), Old discs, Wooden Tables,chairs, Birds cage (No birds inside) surrounded by tiny yellow light bulbs, binoculars, Wooden window frames hung here and there with Posters at the back ground were all giving this place a splendid look. When everything else takes us back to nineties, there is one thing that pulls us back to the 20th century, where I pads are being used for placing orders.

Another fascinating feature of this place, are the quotes that one can notice here and there . Of which I found the below to be most interesting,

  • “No wifi, Talk to each other, Call your Mom, Pretend its 1993′
  • “This is your life. Do what you love and do it often”
  • “Burgers?  Life is short”
  • “Due to rising cost of ammunition, I am no longer able to provide a warning shot” – A toy gun was also a part of decor and I caught this quote beside that!

This place being set up near a College, its full of life with trouble free young crowd filling the air with laughter and giggles.  It would be the best to visit this place with a big group, may be with a pack cards to play and have fun, as we slowly our dishes!!!

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