Hangouts – Part I : Gen Y vs Gen Z

It has been more than 10 years since I finished my high school. The signs of diminishing ‘Youthfulness’ in me have onset already and at times I feel that I no more fit in the youth crowd. Though I watch movies like I did before, I no more have the feel of the movie lasting in my mind for the next few hours. I no more spend hours discussing on the fashionable heroines dresses, or music with friends. I no more feel like listening to  music  for hours together. I no more wait for my favorite series on Television and most importantly there are no frequent HANGOUTS in the local Chat shops!! I am AGING and am OUTDATED!! So I decided to hangout on the most famous ‘Youth Zone’ in my city – ‘Truffles’ ,to commemorate my good old days. Few hours later in the place, I began to realize how different are the current day youths from what we were few years back (exclusive of Elite ones)!

I remember days back when we visit ‘Ganga Sweets’ for simple treats, getting a first rank or high score or to Milan for Birthday parties. We just order ‘Bhel puri’ or ‘Dahi Papadi chat’ with some Milkshakes and that’s it, our celebrations were over. But here now I find the teens amidst the ‘XXL’ Burgers, Quiches and Submarines with mock tails and fudges :-  Food evolution!! I observed a group of three teen girls while waiting for a table, rapping and discussing on starting a band of their own. While even our discussions over the table included music on the movies/albums, we never thought of starting a band of our own as against the current day youths :-Evolution in the way of thinking !! . ‘Selfies’ is a common behavior adapted by all of us these days. There was an attender who was carrying 9 plates of burgers in single hand, who, no one bothered as everyone in the table were busy taking selfies!!  While in those days, all we take is a single group pic outside the shop with the name of the shop clearly captured (using Nokia 6070 :-D) :- Technology evolution. I just waved my eyes on  another group of two girls and one boy. It was raining and we were all waiting for the rain to stop when the boy just bid ‘Bye’, took on his Scooty with his raincoats on  and swept past the girls swiftly .While in those days, the boys waited for the girls to leave first and would be the last ones to vacate the place.  And there were usual dates which is very common in places like this. People no more care to hide themselves from the eyes of others and it all has become so casual these days :- Culture evolution. While I am still a part of these evolutions, I no more enjoy these with the same peppy- ‘nothing to worry upon’ mode!! I think I need to hangout more.

My next target is some coffeehouses with books, literary discussions and games. So stay tuned for more on ‘HANGOUTS’!!!


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