Gypsy – A journey with no Destination

Have you ever wondered at some point of time in your life,to escape from the mundane office bus adorned by the long sunken faces drowned in digital mediums and take a normal bus and travel with common people?

Have you ever at some point of time walked along the market street to get all your veggies from small vendors rather than standing in long queues in your super market?

Do you enjoy listening to people’s stories?

And most importantly, do you read Tamil?

If you have ticked a ‘YES’ for all these, then you are probably “a people person” and this book is just for you!!!

“Gypsy” – A book by Rajumurugan is a compilation of articles released in Vikatan every week under the same title. This amazing book is about the journey of the author through people’s life who migrate from place to place for work. The author has brought out  a vivid picture of Nomadic people’s life from various professions  viz. Duck farmer,Circus people, Narikuravas(In ancient times, they lived in Mountainous regions and were basically hunters,but in the recent times they earn their living by selling handmade beads,garlands and needles ), Kudukudupaikarar (A person who lives by burial grounds and are fortune tellers usually in the nights with  rattling drum ),Gypsy singers(Mostly hailed from Rajasthan), Kazhai Kuthadigal (People who earn their living bt performing various gymnastic and thereby earning their living),  Sattaiyadikarargal (People who earn their living by bating themselves with a Whip), a community of people who,during Ramzan visit every people’s home, sings devotional songs and get fed by them,  Pagal veda Kalaignargal(Who dresses themselves  and sing devotional songs in every house and earn their living from it), Pig care takers and many others. 

The author has crafted the life of these people so lively through his words. The book is structured in such a way that each chapter is dedicated one particular group of Nomads and every chapter details out on the origin of these communities,  their work style, the risks involved in their life, the income they earn, their stay as they visit through new places, the festivals they celebrate and also their Marriage and Love life.  Though the life of these people will leave us with a heavy heart after every chapter, the author has managed to balance the mood of the reader through his friend Alex, who aspires to work with Gautam Menon and carries us way with his sense of humor.

So grab this book from Vikatan publications and don’t forget to Smile, next time you come across these people as they are no more Strangers!!

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