Giving back to the society!!

Loneliness succumbs us completely. Remotely situated from parents and family and running continuously for money ,we all are bound to a situation where we often cramp ourselves into a small room letting our thoughts loop on infinite mode on what goes missing in our life.Such situations best teaches us that money alone does not give us the feeling of contentment but there are a lot many factors associated to it. “Giving” and “sharing” are the two greatest factors among them. Like Winston Churchill has mentioned “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give’. Many of my friends are being involved to a greater extent in serving the needy :- Contributing to a cancer society, teaching the poor,  contributing to the welfare of schools in interior villages ,adopting a child and a lots more. Even if we are not able extend our help to that extent, a small gesture of giving/sharing would add on to our deeds. I read an article recently, where a person drops money in his piggy bank, for each and every small joys that he experiences in his day to day life . And at the end of the year, he would use that money to give back something to the society that has offered him all these joys.

If you are convinced enough to experience the joy of giving and would need some trigger for starting your deeds,here are few tidbits..

Library:Many gated community apartments and Villas boasts of a lot of amenities, but there had never been much emphasis on Libraries. We can think of starting a library which would form a platform for the elderly people, kids , women and everyone to gather together and discuss their experiences, Social and political issues and what not. Its not always required that we need to have thousands and thousands of books before we start our library. As little as 100 books and a few latest magazines is all enough to make the difference.

Help for a child’s education : There are many parents around us who would have to put on some additional work to pay for their child’s education. We can try to relieve this burden on them by sponsoring for the child’s education. If we have some additional time, we can also try helping the child in his/her education.

Feed a pup:  Many of us do not have pets; Some because the apartment rules does not allow one and some because of the lack of family support and some doesn’t want to snatch animals from its natural habitat and cage it in home.My friend’s mother had a dog (Robin) of her own, but she did not stop feeding only Robin. She used to cook for many other dogs in our locality and used to carry food and feed all the dogs in the evening. Such gestures of love are hard to find. Even if we are not able to feed those many pups, we can at least try to adopt one and feed it daily.

Share your skills: The best thing we can pass on to people is our knowledge and skills. If we are good at Music, we can take some time to help people learning that skill. Music is the best mode of passing the message of God to people. You can teach children Slokas, gospels , songs or anything which you feel, would have a positive impact on the listeners.

Donate to Street Vendors: There are few people who truly believe on their hard work, but not bestowed with enough opportunities to earn a better living. There is a street vendor near by my place. She works really hard for her family but her family was not ready to offer her any help. She opens her shop in the evening, sets up everything on her own. She does several jobs in the morning to achieve her goal of earning enough money for her Son’s College fee. We shall try to help people like this set up a better shop, educate them on hygiene and help them with things that they cannot afford by themselves.

Offer to preserve the art: India is rich in arts and culture. The sculptures in temples, the interiors in our Grand parent’s homes, Old books and magazines in our attic and our customs that advocate our social responsibilities best explains the talent and the skills that were prevalent among our people in the early days. If you are inclined to revive back these arts, you can begin with simple steps, as you can raise fund and organize for a temple renovation. You can join some communities where people try to digitize books written centuries ago.

If you have ideas on any other means of giving back to the society, please share it across in the comments column. Also we would love to hear on your experiences on the same lines.

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