Food for Life (I) – Love for Food

Food!! People of gen Y and gen Z  can be categorized as Calorie watchers and calorie ignorers.While the first group watches out the calories added from every morsels of food they take, the other group just have their tongue tingling around for food(mostly unhealthy) all the time. I belong to the second group of people and am lucky enough to be surrounded by a bunch of foodies at all points of my life.

I remember a friend of my Husband quoting him as a person whose mind  just goes about thinking of food, if he is left with no work :D. When a new food vending machine was put in my office (Still not so common in India) , I remember finding myself near the machine most of the time to try out all the packets that it had got to offer(Calories ignored). I once happened to visit my cousin who had just then bought a new home only to learn that he was so exited about the Samosa valla who had put up a truck just in the front of his building more than his home. My Grand pa who could not give up his habit of having ‘Bhajji’, stealthily loads some, most of the time and end up getting scolded by my Grand ma and my father. one time my Aunt started grumbling when my cousin had instructed her to prepare more dinner and store the remains on top of the oven to satisfy all his midnight cravings for food.  When I was doing my PG, we were a big gang and spent most of our time in the University canteen extending our breaks through the next session. On one such occasion, a Monkey happened to run away with my assignment and refused to stop by. Then the people around instructed me to throw away the ice cream I was holding to get back my assignment. The moment, I threw it , it grabbed the ice cream, threw away my assignment and ran away. There was a friend in my school who accompanies me for the  ‘Vandai kadai Samosa’ (Samosa truck)  to get Samosa and stealthy having it in my apartment parking lot (out of sight from hygiene conscious Parents ).

In India, one can never find events/Programmes being conducted without a food outlet attached to it. We Indians visit book stalls and spend the same amount of time we spent for books, in the food outlet associated with it. We travel all the way to trade fair just to eat the  ‘Big Appla’ and return back. Although we prepare a lot for our symposiums, our main focus would on the food that is offered. When a fire drill is conducted, we never bothered what was happening around, but just straightly make our way to the cafeteria. Its our habit  to go around the places where we stay, survey through all the eateries, make a mental note of the pros and cons and take it as a topic of discussion with anyone who comes across. We plan for picnic, spend most of the time in cooking and packing up big boxes, reach there, eat and come back.  We would be ready for work in office for hours together just for the Pizza that is offered.

The Indian food stories goes on and on like these and would source for a compilation of a big fat book.

Watch out this space for more wits on Indians and their food preferences!!!


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