Food for Life (II)- Indian fusion Food!!

We Indians get very easily attracted to anything thing that is foreign to us. But when it comes to food, we expect every thing to be Indianized (Chocolates are an exception though!! However I could observe a small decline in the craze for it too in the recent days ). We have that attitude that we cannot trade off anything for food. Even if we travel overseas for work, we pack a big pack of Indian powder mixes to make our dishes on our own.

When food vendors from across the world stepped into the Indian market, they had to  tweak their dishes to suit the Indians taste buds. It was not just the big vendors like Mc.Donalds and Dominos who had to add up ‘ Spicy delights’ and ‘Paneer Pizza’ to their Menu. But even the street food vendors, had to tweak their dishes to carve a niche for themselves in the Indian food market. When Momos crawled into South India, not many people thronged the shop, until the fried version of it was introduced. We Indians, expect our dishes to be either fried or Strongly spiced up. When the Chinese Szechwan came into the market, it was not just the noodles and fried rice that was enough to satisfy Indians. Szechwan was fused up with many other Indian dishes : Szechwan Vada Pav, Szechwan Masala Dosa, Szechwan Sandwich,  Szechwan Samosa to win the hearts of Indians.

Aroma and the visual appeal of a food matters as much as its taste. Topped up with multiple layers of cheese on the piping hot Tawa, Cheese Dosa,  doesn’t just tastes divine but pulls us  across , with its aroma and melting cheesy appeal. The fusion outcomes with Dosa is just unbounded. Noodles Dosa, Chinese Dosa, Sweet corn Dosa, Mushroom Dosa are the notable ones and the ’99 varieties of Dosa’  truck  deserves a special mention here.  Its not just Dosa, but Idlies have also made its way into the fusion Platform. Idly Kababs, Chinese fried Idly (not so common though) are the prominent ones.

Gobi Manchurian is another Indian-Chinese fusion recipe and I bet there could be no one who would not fall for it. American sweet corn blended with Indian spices is a splendid snack and I would savor many scoops of it on a rainy day.  The fusion is just not on the street, but also in our home.Once I got some Pastas and wanted to my mom make a dish out of it. All I got was the vermicelli Upma version of Pasta. However there are some good Mom made fusion foods too, of which my favorites are  Bread Upma, Indian Quesadillas and the peppered sauce less veg noodles. 

There are a lot more to mention on the Indian fusion foods, but I would leave to you to get on a trail, but just keep in mind that “its not just enough to follow your heart all the time, its also necessary to follow your nose at times !! Watch out this space for more on Indians and their food preferences.

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  1. Totally agreeing with you.recently had chocolate dosa, can tell somewhat indian version of crepe. And Chinese food is never served in its original version always it is served with indian tadka. Only in high end resturant you will get authentic continental food.

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