Family – The Support System!!

I recently happend to visit my Cousin’s engagement and I found myself hopping here and there with a big SMILE pasted on my face. I could not just adjust the curves of my lips even for photographs, for it stayed glued wide enough through out the time I spent there.Thats the mere reflection of my inner joy  and thats the joy that starts building up when we meet people of our own blood. – ‘Blood is definitely thicker than water‘. 

Am sure everyone of us would have experienced the same joy in our relation’s weddings or any other social gatherings for that matter. But, how often do we attempt to experience this joy? Even if we make an attempt, how long does it lasts? In this busy world, we find time only to gather for very close relative’s functions and that too only for the important ones and  it would mostly be of a ‘HI-BYE’ kind of gatherings. But this is not the way our culture has been formed. There is a reason behind every customs of our functions, that advocates the importance of ‘The Family’ and ‘The support system that’s built out of it.

In tamil marriages, its customary that the Groom’s sister should hold a lamp behind the couple as the ceremony takes place.And when it comes to 60th wedding anniversary, the grand daughters are supposed to hold the lamp behind the couple. The tonsure ceremony is carried forward by placing the kid in his maternal uncles’s lap and offering the kids hair to God as a token of gratitude.During pongal (The harvest festival), the daughter in laws of the family should lit a lamp in their in laws home.When a new baby is born, baby’s paternal aunt is accustomed to adorn the baby with golden bangles. On bigger event like marriages, a group of elderly people gather and guide the couples on the rituals to be carried out. If we probe more on our rituals, we would definitely be loaded with exciting details on how small rituals in our customs have been built to keep our relations intact. 

Lets probe more,think and act!!!

-To be continued!!

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