Facebook pyol and other advancements!!

I wonder if every Software Engineer’s palm lines are the same, except for some minute stroke differences that determines if we are destined to be a developer, tester or a support analyst. Probably Brahma,would have outsourced the task of creation to a bunch of freshers who all would have copied the code from stackoverflow. That’s where our technological advancements have landed us. After watching our Republic day parade, online, from a remote place, I realized our life would have been a lot simpler and joyful without all these technological advancements. Our rich culture and heritage is slowly diminishing and we all have slowly become robots aiming to achieve the same goals of life.

These are those moments where we just want to shout aloud ‘Oh,No More Advancements please’. Adding to this are many more instances and a few to jot down here,

When all your software experiences are crashing with newer technologies on the market!What to study , when to study, how to study and most importantly HOW LONG to study:- all these questions constantly keeps us on the panic stricken mode. No more advancements please!!

When your Grandma’s pyol, where all our friends and relatives would gather and discuss their interests, seek opinions from elders, acquire and appreciate our customs, are slowly advancing to ‘Facebook Groups’. No more advancements please.

When my ipad advances fast to recreate the symphony of all our musical instruments in a single sleek motherboard.!!! I recently watched a show, where ipad had already paved its way as one of the main stream musical instruments. Instruments are a lot more fun to play. No more advancements please!

When engagements of souls happens with just the bride or groom while the other is remotely watching the live telecast of it online. At least at this point we should be contented that we dint rip of our culture completely and still sticking on to the roots?, Morphed roots. No more advancements please!

When your kids do no read/write your mother tongue and vaguely understands when you speak your mother tongue. Oh com’on, we have such rich experiences documented in our literature over thousands of years which is all enough to streamline our lives. So,where are we heading leaving behind all our treasures?? No more advancements please.

I know, this goes on into a never ending list.
Though the technology advancements have improved our life in lot many ways, lets remember to make our life beautiful with experiences and not just a checklist of never ending goals. Lets not remote ourself with wired machines rather step out and meet people.
Always remember not to disrupt the principle of ‘Family as a support system‘on which our culture has been built upon!!

I am sure you would have similar rants on the technological advancements. We wish to hear from you.Please use our comments section.

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