Domestic Minimalism!!

Have you ever thought of renouncing all your belongings to lead a simplistic life style?

Ever imagined yourself like how Steve jobs sits in his apartment with a cup of tea, a light and a book and no other stuff around?

Ever thought of yourself wearing the same colored shirt every day just not to spend time on frivolous decisions ?

If you have visualized yourself in any of the above situation earlier then probably you have a better vision on minimalistic lifestyle than this article would advocate. This is for people like me who just can’t control their impulse to buy stuff and goes whimsical on buying things on first notice without any second thoughts; And later after few days throws it all off in the corner after the bonding towards it is lost. I had this understanding that the minimalistic lifestyle leads to a peaceful path but it just stopped there with the awareness and did not scale up beyond that. But that’s how our society functions.Our prosperity is judged by our materialistic possessions. Our capability is measured by the number of houses we possess or by the price of the cars we own. Its not easy for us to renounce everything, but we shall always try to adopt minimalism at least to a smaller extent wherever possible.

I opened my fridge that day and found it brimming with things and had reached to that level where each time I had to put one stuff over another, on and on, until I could fit in my newly bought stuff. Not able to put up with this everyday trouble, I decided to first segregate the things in my Fridge and make an inventory list. I stopped buying new stuff until I finish off all the things that I had on my fridge.  I restricted myself to cook only those recipes that I can make with the ingredients I have and that I would not require anything to be newly bought. Slowly and gradually my Fridge started to wear off its crammed look and showcased its real cool(In both the ways you think ;-)) identity. These days I open my Fridge with no guilt on the wasted food and with no annoying feel of accommodating new stuff.  That’s a real pleasure and a pleasure to be experienced.

If the stuff in Fridge put me dopey on one end, the things on the kitchen slab and my washing tub adds fuel to it. I decided to pack off utensils that are redundant and put it all aside.My three cooker rack is now happy with only one, My Dosas and Rotis are in harmony on the basis that they are made on the same Tawa, My Oven and Electric stove have taken a vacation along with many other utensils.Now my kitchen looks cleaner and every time I walk into it ,I don’t kind of get that feeling of distress to start over my cooking. Its give me the feel that we do not always require something like Ash’s kitchen with a lake view in ‘Killi Re’ song-Ravan, to trigger our mood to cook, but a cleaner kitchen is all sufficient to do create the magic. And the most important relief is that I no longer worry if my maid bunks for two or three days in continuity :D.

Like the Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus has rightly mentioned “it isn’t easy to take the first steps, but your journey towards minimalism gets much easier—and more rewarding—the further you go“.

So are you ready for the rewards? Plunge into action!!!

If you have similar experiences in your life, do share it across with us!! We would love to hear from you!!

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