Food for Life (III) – Chai’d up!!

Hailed from Tamil Nadu, known for its prominent ‘Filter Coffee’,  my obsession for Tea may appear a little weird to you . And if you are so obsessed with coffee like my Father, Husband or my friend Radhu does, then it may even prompt you for a sarcastic look at this article or may be at me, with raised eyebrows. But I belong to that group of people who fall under, ‘Coffee is not my cup of tea’ category. My love for tea is not just bound by the sips, but extends to the art of brewing it as well.

It takes a great deal to wake up every morning and one would definitely need something, really exiting to invite us out of bed. Tea is that ‘something’ to me. These days, I can only proceed with other works after awakening all my senses with Tea – Partially inherited from my Father. He runs behind coffee though. I like the fragrance that fills up my Kitchen, as I begin to brew my Tea.

The Indian way of brewing tea is completely different from the brewing techniques followed in other countries. In normal households, all we do is boil the water, add tea leaves followed by milk, drain the leaves , add sugar and Enjoy the ‘Chai’. Watching out our Tea vendors preparation of this, is a real Joy in India, especially the process of stretching out the glass and mug horizontally and vertically. As I once happened to visit a big Restaurant, where we could pay to make our own Tea, the English way. There was a sand clock kept beside to track of our boiling and infusing time and the entire Tea set was so beautiful that would draw up anybody towards it.

The pathetic fact on  Indian Tea is that most of the superior quality Teas are exported to other countries and mostly we keep only Tea dusts for ourselves . We are subjected to that situations that we travel abroad, pack ourselves the Indian Tea varieties from there to relish it on India. The picture you see is also captured from Denmark, and am just completely taken aback by the varieties of Tea they have as against the Choices we have in India.  Now after being exposed so many varieties of Tea, I made up by mind to try out as much varieties of Tea as possible and I began with Earl Grey and waiting on Silver needle.

My love for Tea is becoming a little contagious, and my Husband takes Tea everyday now,however he defines ‘a good cup of Tea’ in a different way. More Milk, No  Sugar but Palm Jaggery is his way,while I like my Tea with extra Sugar. Our choice of Tea may vary, but what TEA brings up in us is always the same and it stands by the following quotes by  William Ewart Gladstone,

“If you are cold, tea will warm you;
if you are too heated, it will cool you;
If you are depressed, it will cheer you;
If you are excited, it will calm you.”

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