As I squelch towards the Marina

“When you look into the infinity, you realize that there are more important things that what people do all the day”- Calvin, and if I could replace the ‘infinity’ with ‘The Beach – The Marina’, it would still hold good. Beach in India is the most economic holidaying spot. As the summer vacations start, more and more of kids and adults gather at the shores to spend a nice evening with the nature’s mammoth Gift -The sea. We Chennaites have the habit of pulling across anybody who visit us from any parts of the country to the Beach. Braving the hot sun and trudging through the shore towards the waters is a big deal especially on Summers. Never mind, unlike other countries we don’t pack any stuffs to comfort ourselves and shelter us from the heat. All we do is browse through the shops and grab our selves a cup of the wide varieties of juices from the shops and slop to the waters.

We would not however be bored, as we move towards the waters, as we would be surrounded by a lot of shops to keep our energy level high on the scale. Its always customary to have ‘Mirchi Bhajji’ during our visit to the Beach. There are horse rides where we can pay and take a ride through the shores. There are tini mini merry-go-rounds to keep the kids entertained and enthralled. ‘Sutta Cholam’   shops would be put up for the soul that searches for something hot, right after drenching completely in the waters. Balloon shooting game stalls that are put up here and there on the beach add colors to Marina. Ice cream vendors would be moving around ringing bells. Chat shops, which were not a part of traditional Marina platform, have recently started budding up , to serve our tummy and also offers us  shelter to take a break from the scorching sunny shores.

As we reach the Waters and get ourselves wet by the Waves of waters, we could feel all our tiredness acquired from the Mud Walk wearing out slowly. Its always fun to go to Marina, with the big gang. We all chain our hands together and wait for the big waves to approach. Children would write their names on the sand, and watch it to be erased by the waves. One can also catch up a sight, where Children build mountains out of sands (Temples as we call it) and wait for it to be washed away. There are also some people who would walk up more inside into the waters to get full drenched in the water.  Children also collects shells from the shores in different shapes.Beach volleyballs are also common these days. As the police mae riding on horses, whistles around and order us to move away from the waters, we would get back to the shores.

No matter how much Joy the Marina brings us, the littered shores, at times ,leaves a black mark on our Joy. Nature has given us a lot, and let us not disturb it by littering the place. “Let the change begin with us”.

“Happy Summer!!”

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