From my old pages…

An ode to Paneer Butter Masala

Spicy and creamy,
You savor my tummy..
Never ever scanned a menu,
For you are always fixed to chew..
The longer you make me wait,
The sooner you vanish from my plate..
You leave your traces on my fingers,
For your aroma to linger longer,
Triggering my desire for you
To grow deeper and wider…

Dangling Heart

Between every decisions made in the past
And the situations confronted in the present,
There is always a dangling heart,
Seeking to go back and alter the path!!

The Unix way of life

Execute a Mutex lock
over your Kernel mind,
for the thread “Like”
and never release the lock
for the thread “career”
to acquire the kernel mind
until all your likes are fulfilled.

An ode to Bhajji!!

As the cloud spread a dark canopy,
threatening to put my mood so dopey,
Tweaking my tummy to clamour,
triggerring to crave for a fritter!!

And Not waiting a moment,
Igniting fast my moped,
all set ready for the desi treat,
Here I ride thorugh the damp street!!

Sensing your aroma from long,
brushing off all other pong,
fighting the crowd that throng
here I come and wait along!!

Puffy and Browny delight,
Spicy and crispy as I bite,
More and more I take
just not giving a break!!

Oh dear Bajji!!!
I need you when it rains;
I grab you when I am over joyed;
I seek you when I am tensed;
I crave for you when I am bored;
What more I shall say,
than you just completely qualify
to be the love of my life :D!!!


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