About Us

Its me…

I am a software professional, who seriously thinks of making a career shift on working weekends and extended work evenings, but otherwise a strongly contented person on my profession. I balance myself, like many others of my generation, with one foot on traditional cultures and customs and the other on the pop culture, occasionally shifting the former to my own individualistic principles. I have deep rooted love for books and believe that my life would be in serious threat if the world runs out of good books.  My love for words extends beyond books to movies and series as well, when perfectly chosen words stringed together elegantly, strikes me harder than the emotions or expressions of the actors themselves. This love for words is what that prompted me to begin this forum.

lit and life.com…

Literature bridges the lives of different generations. Customs, beliefs, life styles,architectures, food preferences starts flowing from the previous generations through the current generation to the future generations through literature. It teaches us the mistakes from the past and helps us to craft our life through the lessons from our ancestors. It just not acts as linkage between generations but also helps us to mold our life from others life too. Its the confluence of all our arts. Literature teaches us to appreciate diversity. Its through this we learn moral values and integrity!

This forum aims to keep the linkage intact, thick and strong, and passes on the way of our life to the next generations!

I welcome you to put on your lexical lens and join my hands to celebrate our life through literature!!