A credit note to Men on Women’s day!!

I wanted to publish this right on the Women’s day, but no matter how much sessions I attend on Work life balance, I fail miserably to strike a  balance and could not make it up on time. But I made up my mind that its better late than none, so here we go on my Credit note to the other Gender, on the occasion of Women’s day.

If we take pride on celebrating this day, then the substantial amount of support and cheers, the men of our life, offer us to fight every day problems also counts. Its not easy fighting our Morning blues and office agonies all alone.  As a child, it was not easy to let go our failures but our  father was always there to gently hold our hands and take us slowly through the life’s realization. When problems try to conquer us, our brothers have always come for rescue and cheer us up with a note that ‘life cannot be taken so seriously’ . They also expose us to the unexplored territories and aid us to retain the fun factor in us.  Husband, I should say is a poor soul , who has to face all our blasts out of stress amidst his own stresses and still fight not to let us loose our confidence. Friends were always there to lend their ears and listen to all our agonies and to show us life is not the same for everyone and each one is fighting his own problems. The comforts that our colleagues offer us during our bad times is a big driving force that keeps us going at right pace in our work. These souls have always been our Pillar of support to lean upon when we feel down and help us build back our confidence to fight back the world.

They deserve a big thanks on their role in molding us into what we are now. Here is my  big thanks to my Father, Husband , Brothers, Friends , Colleagues and all good natured men who have been a supporting and  motivating force in all walks of my life!! So on the next Women’s day, lets not just take pride in ourselves but take a moment to thank those men in our life too (After all, they don’t have a day for themselves 😀 ).


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